Ten Ways a Wedding Planner Can Help You

Your wedding day and the journey leading up to it should be special, unforgettable and utterly personal to you; filled with precious moments, fun, laughter and maybe a few happy tears.

As lives get busier, and weddings become ever more individual, many couples are turning to the support of a professional wedding planner to help inspire and create their dream day, and make the whole process a lot easier and more enjoyable – and here’s why.

1. To save you time

There’s no denying that a wedding can take a lot of time to plan, and depending on the scale of the wedding this can be anywhere up to 250-300 hours or more. A professional wedding planner will manage a detailed project plan for you, sourcing and coordinating all your suppliers, and taking care of everything on your to-do list. Including all of your appointments, timelines and itineraries. And of course they’ll allow you that all important time to relax and enjoy the day itself, knowing that everything is taken care of and in good hands. Your time is precious, and a wedding planner will help you cherish it – regardless of whether you need just a little support or rather a lot!

2. For design inspiration and style advice

Whether your day will be cosy and intimate, spread out across several days, or somewhere in between, it can often be beneficial to have the support of a wedding planner to help inspire and create your perfect vision. Not only to focus and harmonise all of your ideas, but to help them flourish too.

After getting to know you and your style, your planner will create tailored design plans to help you visualise the overall look of your day. This sets a considered style for everything from your decor and flowers through to your stationary and cake; rather than planning some things in isolation which may end up out of sync. Your planner will also advise you on how to achieve timeless luxury, while injecting fresh, style-forward ideas, and your own personal touches. With expert knowledge of local venues and suppliers, and often a few hidden gems, a wedding planner is also likely to suggest options and ideas that you may not have considered before!

3. To handle the scale of it

You’re likely to be significantly invested in your wedding, both financially and emotionally – and why shouldn’t you be! So having something go not quite to plan doesn’t bare thinking about.

Handling the scale of such an important event can be a lot to take on, especially for larger or more detailed weddings. When it comes to professional event management, a wedding planner will have years of experience in managing large scale occasions, and will know exactly what to expect and how to quickly plan for every eventuality. Carrying out everything on the day comes as second nature to a wedding planner too, along with servicing 100s of guests at the same time. On your own, you’d likely have to spend a lot of time researching what to do or the best way to approach something. Not to mention worrying about whether everything was going to plan on the day itself!

4. To organise all the details

Wedding planners are by nature very organised people, and they’ve done it all before. It’s their job to ensure that every single detail and action is in hand. From advising you on what to include in your invitations, preparing your itineraries, and your running orders. To managing the information that your suppliers need from you, and knowing when your important decisions need to be made by; with nothing forgotten or left to chance.  

5. Budget management

Having discussed your ideal budget and what you want to achieve, a wedding planner’s job is to create a detailed plan to advise on how much to allocate for each area – and keep track of everything as time progresses. Your wedding planner will also be on hand to manage when all of your payments are due, and prompt you in good time!

6. To help you achieve the best value for money

A wedding planner is not there to make you spend more money; quite the opposite actually. An experienced planner will guide you towards the best suppliers for your budget, advise you on the most cost effective ways to approach things, and help to ensure the very best value for money all-round. This can often go a fair way towards justifying the cost of hiring a wedding planner in the first place.

7. To manage the practicalities

When it comes to professional event planning, there can be a lot of practical, logistical and technical things to consider. From how best to organise your transport and venue access. To dealing with AV equipment, how much power your marquee generator needs, and overseeing your risk assessment and contingency plans. When it comes to planning such an important day, it’s reassuring to know that your wedding planner has all eventualities firmly in hand.

8. Transforming blank canvas or dry hire venues

Blank canvas or dry hire venues (where you hire venue only with no services) are becoming an increasingly popular choice for couples looking to put their own stamp on their day. When it comes to running a wedding in these kind of venues (which often have little to no in-house staff), having a professional wedding planner on board is often a sound choice to ensure that everything goes without a hitch. After all, you’re often literally starting with nothing – sometimes even just a piece of land!

Your wedding planner will help you transform and visualise the space as your own – often with tailored design drawings. However it’s not just the big things that your wedding planner will oversee that are important here. Such as your entire internal and external décor, catering, bar staff, the structure of your marquee, or ensuring that you have enough electricity to run the day. But all the little things that can be easily overlooked too – right down to hiring the napkins and counting that last butter knife!

9. To guide your decisions

Even with a wedding planner on hand to organise everything for you, you still might feel quite unsure about committing to certain decisions. However it’s the job of a professional wedding planner to ensure that every decision you make feels easy and reassured. It’s not about overwhelming you with lots of options, but about providing you with tailored suggestions that meet your priorities, and calmly helping you to weigh up the pros and cons. With the support of someone who’s been there many times before, you can rest assured that your decisions will be great ones – and your wedding day will be even greater!

10. To keep you stress free

Last but not least, a wedding planner is of course there to keep you worry free throughout the whole process and on the day itself. As newlyweds you should be a picture of calm and happiness. You should be able to relax and enjoy your special day, knowing that your wedding planner has everything quietly and efficiently under control – just how you imagined it would be.

How much support you need is up to you!

Every wedding is different, and so is the level of support that each couple needs. You might just require a little assistance to help plan your vision and styling in the early months – or a few months’ support closer to the time to help with admin, logistics and final itineraries. Or you may feel that you need longer term support from day one. Or it might even be the case that you’ve already organised everything yourself, and you just need someone to run the day – leaving you to relax and enjoy everything.

Whatever your priorities, and however you see your wedding unfolding, we’d love to get to know you and talk about how we can help you plan a wonderful day that reflects you and your story.