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Your wedding flowers are such an important part of your day and overall wedding planning. They really help to define your overall look and style, and play a big part in bringing your venue to life. Not to mention the amazing scent they bring to the day!

When it comes to choosing which wedding flowers are right for you, it can seem like there are endless choices and lots of things to consider. But with an expert florist at your side, it really is quite simple and straightforward, and such an enjoyable part of your wedding planning experience.

With this in mind, I caught up with the talented Moira J Floristry to talk about the best ways to choose your wedding flowers – and I’m delighted to share her top tips to help you along the way.

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All featuring wedding flowers by Moira J Floristry

Know Your Floral Style

To help you get off to a great start, it’s always a good idea to explore Pinterest and Instagram to research what you do and don’t like. Search using keywords and hashtags to narrow down any particular styles that you’re drawn to. Also take a look at images from previous weddings held at your venue for inspiration on how to use florals to dress the space. You can also ask your wedding planner or stylist for help with floral inspiration and ideas too.

Show these images to any florists that you’re reaching out or chatting to, so that they understand your preferred aesthetic, colours, and any individual flowers you have your heart set on. Also consider the size, shape and style of arrangement you prefer e.g. small and compact, larger and trailing, or something in between.

It also helps to choose your florist based on a complete love of their style. This will really help you to achieve exactly what you’re looking for with complete trust that your florist will meet and exceed your vision!

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Embrace the Seasons

Be flexible and open to what’s in season, or to discussing similar alternatives with your florist. This will ensure that your wedding flowers are the best quality they can be, and will look and smell amazing on your day. A lot of blooms can be farmed out of season, but it’s likely that they will be more expensive and poorer in quality. It’s just like eating strawberries out of season; they’re never quite as sweet or juicy.

For example, couples always want peonies, but these are only in season from May to July. Often a very good alternative are ruffled garden roses such as the David Austin, Miranda or Patience. There are so many beautiful and very similar alternatives to a lot of flowers – and some varieties are actually available all year round. Of course, there’s always the option of having the odd artificial stem within your fresh arrangement if you have your heart set on a particular flower that isn’t in season.

Be open about budget

Quality flowers cost what they cost. But if you have a particular budget to stick to, then it’s absolutely fine to ask your florist for suggestions to suit your plans. The average spend on florals for UK weddings can be anywhere from 5% of the overall wedding budget; sometimes up to 10% depending on the style and scale of the occasion. But it’s always a good idea to be open and upfront about your budget with your florist, so that they can work with you to design something beautiful to suit you perfectly. Again, this is where its also handy to chat to a wedding planner about suppliers to fit with your plans.

Consider Your Venue Spaces

Consider your venue spaces as well as your bouquets and buttonholes. How do you envisage your floral displays at your ceremony and reception? What size/shape/number of tables will you likely be having, and do you have any thoughts for what you might like on those?

At the initial stages of your wedding planning it’s absolutely fine if you don’t have a clear vision. This is where it can help to explore example imagery of venue florals too. Of course your florist or stylist/planner will always be full of ideas and suggestions for how to dress your space. Don’t forget that ceremony florals can always be arranged in portable containers for your venue staff or planner to move to your reception location too.

Luxury Wedding Venue Flowers

Trust Your Florist

This may go without saying, but the best results come from trusting your florist and leaving them to manage the finer details. Many couples think that they need to choose every stem that goes into their arrangements – but this isn’t the case.

You only need to give your florist an overall understanding of your preferred style. After that, your florist will handle the rest. They will know what’s in season, what lasts well, and what goes with what.

This really does come full circle to choosing your florist (and any wedding supplier) based on an absolute love of their work, and having complete trust that they will meet your vision and so much more. Of course this also means that you can totally relax into your wedding planning and enjoy the whole process.

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Of course, if you need any help or guidance as to your floral style, please feel free to reach out to me. Recommending trusted suppliers from my network of industry connections is a big part of my role as a wedding planner. Good luck with your planning and your journey towards your incredible wedding day.